Monday, 7 September 2015

Plants Are Friends

I've bee excited to do this post from the very miute this shirt arrived at my door from Wholesalebuying along with a few other pieces I will feature later on. But as a true lover of plants and all nature, I am particularily fond of this one. I've been collecting my own arrangement of plants for our appartment and love the freshness and beauty they bring. So far, I try to stick to low-maintenance plants as well as an arrangement of dried plants and flowers around too. My summer plants are begining to wither with the arrival of the cool weather as well, so I'll be needing to stick to indoor plants exclusively soon. I do look forward to learning as much as I can about plant life and teach Forest how to care for them and what they can be used for in our daily lives as well. Mother Nature provides for us in so many unbelievable ways, I want us to keep in tune with our natural roots.

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